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Feeding your kids at home and getting all the right things into those little bodies is challenging but then they start school and you are thrown into the world of school lunchboxes!

We’re talking about delicious, nutritious, appealing, allergy-friendly, packet-free food that can be stored in a box all day – and will get eaten!

Our Yummy Lunchbox Recipes For Kids guide offers tips on how to keep things interesting and healthy, along with 10 nutritious and delicious recipes.


10 handy lunchbox packing tips

To help you keep things interesting and healthy for smashing lunchbox successes.

10 nutritionist-developed and munchkin-tested recipes

so you can confidently send your little one off with delicious, allergy-friendly and packet-free options for the day.

healthy lunchbox ideas recipes

Here’s what fellow healthy lunchbox wranglers have to say

Demystifying the healthy lunchbox can be as easy as 1-2-3


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Stay tuned for the round of applause as your munchkin returns home with a full tummy, happy heart and a hunger for more yummy lunchbox goodness.

Curious? Here’s a sampler…

healthy lunchbox ideas for kids free pdf - corn bites

Corn Bites

Boost their daily nutrients with these veggie-loaded balls of goodness.

healthy lunchbox ideas for kids free pdf - apricot oaty bars

Apricot Oaty Bars

The perfect healthy energy boost to pack when nothing can get in the way of lunchtime fun.

healthy lunchbox ideas for kids free pdf - tahini choc cookies

Tahini Choc Cookies

Meet the cookies that pretend to be a treat but actually come through with nutrient-boosting benefits. Shhh, don’t tell your little one! 

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