Beautiful naturally scented playdough

by Eleanor Cullen on Nov 10, 2016

Beautiful naturally scented playdough

If you love finding ways to inspire the special little babes in your life, then you will fall in love with this beautiful naturally scented play dough.

Happy Hands Happy Heart (HHHH) have created a 100% naturally scented and coloured dough – using only fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and essential oils. Each flavour has been carefully chosen to provide your babes with more than just fun play – they have lots of health and wellbeing benefits too.

Available in a range of beautiful colours and natural fragrances – including liquorice (yum!) we think they are just divine and the perfect accessory to roll around on your We Might Be Tiny placemat.

Happy Hands Happy Heart playdough and We Might Be Tiny placemat

We Might Be Tiny white bear placemat with HHHH playdough

You can find them over at Happy Hands Happy Heart.

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