meet the team

Where seemingly tiny actions have a mighty impact

When your products make young and old smile in 40+ countries, you’d expect a massive team behind the brand.

Not so with We Might Be Tiny.

We are a small, close-knit team of passionate humans all working towards the same goal: Delivering the perfect blend of style, functionality, eco-conscious living and customer service to clever families across the globe. And with a smile. 😊

Let's meet our WMBT Legends

Each with their own mighty street cred

Founder, Designer + Head Product Tester


Eleanor’s We Might Be Tiny journey began in late 2015 when she pressed pause on a corporate career in UX Design to take time out with her first bubba.

That’s when she started searching for practical, high-quality items that would blend into her modern home and be kind on the planet.

The result? Eleanor ended up taking matters into her own hands because she simply couldn’t find anything suitable.

What started with the Placie, quickly grew into a lineup of award-winning products that Eleanor now designs and sells with her small yet mighty team from the stunning mountain forests of the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, Victoria.

Favourite WMBT product: bear placie - it was my first product that I designed and I couldn't be more proud of it. My kids still use their placemats several times a day.

Favourite WMBT recipe: Brownie Sheep Muffins

Marketing Director


Rachel has featured behind the scenes as the inofficial ‘sista-consultant’ since the early days of WMBT. You might even have spotted her helping at the odd tradeshow or design market.

Since February 2021, she’s been officially promoting the brand as Marketing Director and has loved watching WMBT grow from the ground up.

Rachel is currently based in London, UK, where she’s busy exploring Europe and the UK’s countryside when she’s not growing the WMBT brand.

That’s until Rachel’s impending move back to Melbourne, Australia, to welcome her first baby.

Favourite WMBT product: Stampies

Favourite WMBT recipe: Peanut Choc Fudge

Social Media Manager


Nakiya (aka 'Nik') joined the team officially in December 2021, although has worked with We Might Be Tiny in varied capacities over the years.

She manages all things social media: content + copy, collaborations, researching and brainstorming new social media strategies, social media marketing promotion planning, etc.

Nik is mum of 2 in Perth, Western Australia who loves the beach, and spends as much time as humanly possible soaking it up during the warmer months.

She fell in love with WMBT products, its values and, of course, the people who surround it.

Favourite WMBT product: This is hard! How can I choose one? Muffin Cups + Poddies

Favourite WMBT recipe: Hazelnut Ice Cream

Customer Service Manager


Mona joined Team WMBT in March 2021 to help us deliver rockstar customer service to the many families choosing our silicone products each and every day. #grateful

It was the promise of eco-friendly living that initially attracted Mona to WMBT and has seen her fall in love with the brand since.

When she’s not attending to the constant stream of customer queries, Mona steps into her alter ego as "Plantita" (Plant + Tita (Auntie)) in her hometown of Cebu, Philippines.

Favourite WMBT product: bunny stickie plate

Favourite WMBT recipe: best sugar cookie recipe