Friends of We Might Be Tiny: Amy Morrison

by Eleanor Cullen on May 02, 2019

Friends of We Might Be Tiny: Amy Morrison

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Amy Morrison AKA @loveamymorrison. Born in Adelaide, currently reside in Canberra. Married with two daughters. Run an online skincare business.


What were you like as a kid?

I was a performer as a kid. Always dancing and singing and seeking people’s attention… Actually I’m not sure much has changed since then LOL

Are there any particular traits that you see in your children that are totally you, or your partner?

My eldest looks like my husband, but behaves totally like me. Cautious, and always striving for perfection. The youngest on the other hand is me looks wise, and totally hubby personality wise. Carefree and willing to give anything a go!

What advice do you wish you could give your OLD self about parenthood, before you had children?

Relax and learn to go with the flow. Give yourself a break. Just give the kids love and the rest will work out. Don’t judge others when their choices are different to yours. Everyone’s hard, is hard.

Love Amy Morrison

What are your main challenge/s with children when it comes to meal times?

Typical fussy eaters, but not too bad thankfully! Trying to get veggies into their meals is tricky so we get creative. The grater is our best friend.

What's your favourite recipe/mix to make icy poles/ice creams using our Frosties?

We love mixing fruit into yogurt to freeze in the Frosties! Nice and easy and always a hit.

What's your go-to mid week meal when life gets hectic?

Creamy Pesto Pasta is always a hit with the kids, and is nice and easy to make. We also manage to hide baby spinach in their too so it’s a winner from all fronts.

What are some of your favourite local brands that you think all mamas need to know about?

Ohhhhhh where do I start?! I LOVE Instagram and all of the special brands and people I’ve met on the platform. And knowing I’m supporting small businesses with my purchases makes it all the more special.

How can we best connect with you?

Connect via or

Love Amy Morrison

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