Culinary Adventure: Cucumber Sushi for Tiny Chefs

by Mona Sotomayor on Mar 01, 2024

Cucumber Sushi Recipe

At We Might Be Tiny, we're all about making mealtimes fun and functional, especially when it comes to cooking with your little chefs. Today, we have an exciting and healthy recipe that's not only delicious but also an ideal opportunity to get your tiny ones involved in the kitchen. Our Cucumber Sushi is a delightful and child-friendly take on traditional sushi, making it the perfect way to introduce your kids to new flavours and cooking techniques. So, grab your chef hats, and let's embark on a culinary adventure together!

Prep Time: 15 minutes


  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 small carrot
  • 30 g (1 small chunk) cheddar cheese
  • A quarter of a small red capsicum
  • Half a small avocado
  • 3 slices of ham


  1. Prepare the Cucumber Rolls: Start by cutting the cucumber into thick, 2.5 cm discs. Now, here's where the magic happens - using a small star cookie cutter, cut out the centre of each cucumber disc. These star-shaped cucumber slices will be the base of your sushi rolls.
  2. Prepare the Filling: Next, it's time to prepare the delicious filling. Peel and cut the carrot into small batons. Slice the cheddar cheese and red capsicum into batons of the same size. Additionally, cut the avocado half into small, bite-sized cubes.
  3. Roll the Ham: Take each slice of ham and roll it up, then cut it into quarters. These will add a savoury touch to your cucumber sushi.
  4. Assemble the Sushi: This is where the fun truly begins. Place a roll of ham and a combination of cheese and vegetable batons of your choice into each star-shaped cucumber disc. Get your tiny chefs involved in the process. Let them choose their favourite fillings and arrange them inside the cucumber slices.
  5. Serve with a Smile: Once your Cucumber Sushi is ready, present it in your favourite We Might Be Tiny Stickie Plate. Let your little ones enjoy their creations and savour the delicious, healthy bites.

The Joy of Cooking with KidsĀ 

Cooking with your children is not just about preparing a meal; it's a wonderful opportunity to bond, teach essential life skills, and explore the world of flavours together. Encouraging your tiny chefs to get involved in the kitchen offers a wealth of benefits:

  1. Encourages Healthy Eating: Involving kids in the preparation of meals often makes them more excited to try new foods. The process of selecting ingredients, assembling dishes, and tasting the results can make them more open to a variety of flavours.
  2. Builds Confidence: Allowing kids to take an active role in cooking helps boost their self-esteem. They feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their culinary creations.
  3. Fosters Creativity: Cooking is a creative process, and it encourages kids to experiment with different ingredients, textures, and flavors. It's a delightful way to nurture their creativity.
  4. Enhances Fine Motor Skills: Many cooking tasks, such as cutting, stirring, and rolling, involve fine motor skills. These activities are essential for a child's development.
  5. Quality Family Time: Cooking together provides quality family time. It's an opportunity to chat, laugh, and create memorable moments while working on a shared goal.

Our Cucumber Sushi Recipe: A Taste of Adventure

Our Cucumber Sushi recipe is more than just a delicious snack; it's a gateway to a world of culinary exploration for your little chefs. As you guide them through each step, they not only learn essential kitchen skills but also develop a taste for exciting and healthy food.

Encouraging Participation: Let Them Take the Lead

While preparing Cucumber Sushi, it's essential to let your little ones take the lead as much as possible. Here's how they can actively participate at each stage:

  1. Star-Shaped Cucumber Discs: Involve your tiny chefs in cutting the cucumber into thick discs and using a star cookie cutter to create the fun, star-shaped bases for the sushi. This step helps develop their fine motor skills and creativity.
  2. Filling Selection: Allow your kids to choose their favourite fillings. They can select from carrot batons, cheddar cheese, red capsicum, avocado cubes, and the tasty ham rolls. This decision-making process encourages independence and decision-making.
  3. Assembling the Sushi: Show your tiny chefs how to place the fillings inside the star-shaped cucumber slices. Let them experiment with different combinations, fostering their creativity and exploration.
  4. Presentation: Encourage your kids to take pride in their creations by serving the Cucumber Sushi on their favourite We Might Be Tiny Stickie Plate. This step reinforces their sense of accomplishment.
  5. Taste Testing: Finally, let your little chefs taste their creations and share their thoughts. This encourages them to express themselves and their preferences.

Building Skills and Creating Memories

Cooking with your children is a remarkable opportunity to teach them valuable skills and create lasting memories. They learn to follow instructions, work as a team, and develop a sense of responsibility. Plus, it's a fantastic chance to create beautiful memories that they'll cherish.

Our Cucumber Sushi recipe is an excellent starting point for young chefs. It's simple, healthy, and introduces them to new flavours and textures. As they gain confidence in the kitchen, you can gradually introduce them to more complex recipes and techniques.

Our Cucumber Sushi recipe isn't just about satisfying taste buds; it's a journey of culinary exploration for your tiny chefs. At We Might Be Tiny, we believe in the power of cooking together to build skills, foster creativity, and create unforgettable family moments.

So, bring your little chefs into the kitchen and let them explore the world of flavours and textures through this delightful and healthy snack. Our Cucumber Sushi isn't just a delicious treat; it's a stepping stone to a lifetime of culinary adventures and happy family mealtimes.

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Cucumber Sushi Recipe

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