The Nature Mobile - Easy Air Dry Projects for Kids

by Eleanor Cullen on May 17, 2021

easy air dry clay projects for kids

Easy air dry clay projects for kids - The Nature Mobile

Kids naturally love collecting things.

Shells, sticks, leaves and other finds from their adventures out in the wild.

What better way to encourage and support their curiosity than with their very own Nature Mobile.

Take your tiny human on a treasure hunt where the aim is to collect a mix of treasures our environment has to offer. Bag up your finds, take them home and schedule calm crafting time with your small person.

Celebrate your finds and select those super-special items that you want to showcase in your Nature Mobile.

What else do you need?

Air dry clay and a string, a rolling pin and a Stampies set.

Every Stampies set comes with a stainless steel cookie cutter, 1 wooden stamper and easily interchangeable silicone animal stamps that will add a cute animal touch to your tiny human’s mobile.

Take a look at the 15 animal stamps, name each animal and then pick your favourites to stamp into the air dry clay.

Not only will this easy air dry clay project for kids give you special one-on-one time with your munchkin, it will also treat you to a memento of your session that will find a special spot in your child’s bedroom.

What we used

  • air dry clay - 1 packet
  • bio glitter - 1 tube
  • shells, feathers,
  • gumnuts, leaves
  • large branch
  • string

How much we spent

  • air dry clay - 1 packet $7-$15
  • bio glitter - 1 tube $15


Roll out clay to about 5 mm thick. Cut discs with cookie cutter, sprinkle glitter, stamp with your favourite Stampie, then pierce a hole in the top of the disc with a skewer.

Repeat until you have four or five discs. Allow to air dry.

Collect natural treasures in the garden (shells, leaves, gumnuts, feathers). Attach discs and your chosen treasures to a large branch with string. Hang and admire!

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