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by Mona Fe on Oct 01, 2021

green smoothies for kids halloween

Green Slime Smoothie - The scarily healthy Halloween smoothie for kids

Once upon a slime there was a kid who wouldnā€™t go near their greens.

Thatā€™s until this cheeky one was introduced to their new smoothie of choice: The Green Slime Smoothie

What better way to ā€˜trickā€™ your little one into gobbling up a whole bunch of nutritious greenery this Halloween (or any other day) than turning it into delicious slime time?

This green smoothie seriously must be one of the easiest things to whip up. Simply grab your ingredients, pop them in a high-speed food processor until smooth and dish it up in a We MIght Be Tiny Grip Cup.

Want to turn this slimey number into a slup-worthy affair?

Hand your little one a Bendie Straw wide enough to deal with any chunks that snuck through the safety net.

And once your little oneā€™s juiced up on green goodness, simply pop the Grip Cup into the dishwasher to take care of the mess for you. Itā€™s totally at home in your oven, freezer or microwave too. As for the Bendie Straw? Simply use the handy stainless steel cleaning brush and give it a good rinse under warm running water. Itā€™s as easy as that!

MakesĀ 500Ā mlĀ (2Ā cups)Ā IĀ PrepĀ 5Ā minutes


  • 250Ā mlĀ (1Ā cup)Ā coconutĀ water
  • 1 greenĀ apple,Ā cutĀ intoĀ chunksĀ juiceĀ ofĀ halfĀ aĀ lime
  • quarterĀ ofĀ anĀ avocadoĀ 
  • halfĀ aĀ banana
  • 100Ā gĀ (4Ā cups)Ā spinach


AddĀ allĀ ingredientsĀ to aĀ high-speedĀ foodĀ processorĀ andĀ blitzĀ untilĀ smooth.

TransferĀ toĀ yourĀ favouriteĀ gripĀ cupĀ andĀ enjoy.

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Green Slime Smoothie

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