Stampies Cheese Grazing Stickie

by Mona Fe on Sep 07, 2022

fun kids grazing patter ideas

Easy & Fun Kids Grazing Platter Ideas

Because every Stampies set comes with a stainless steel cookie cutter to turn the cheese slices into bite-sized discs, 1 wooden stamper and easily interchangeable silicone animal stamps that turn morning tea into the biggest Aussie animal gathering you could ever imagine.

Complement the cheese discs with your mini’s favourite snacks and you’ve not only scored yourself a happy toddler, but a morning tea session where you emerge as ‘best grown-up EVER’.

Dish up your kids' grazing platter in one of our fun Stickie Plates and there’s a real chance you’re going to high-five yourself for all the smart moves you’ve pulled today. Because rather than have to clean up post feast, you’ll get to put your dishwasher in charge and put your legs up instead. #winning

Prep 5 minutes


  • cheddar cheese
  • cherry tomatoes
  • olives
  • rice crackers


Cut a thick slice of cheese, firmly press down onto the cheese with your favourite Stampie then cut out cheese coin with cookie cutter. Repeat for desired number of cheese coins.

Arrange olives, tomatoes, and crackers on a Stickie plate or board/platter of choice then top with cheese coins with the animals facing up. (The Stickie plate lid makes it super easy to take this grazing platter on the move!).

Serve and enjoy.

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fun kids grazing patter ideas

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