Stamp Art Ideas for Toddlers

by Eleanor Cullen on May 11, 2021

stamp art ideas for toddlers

A Stamp Art Idea for Toddlers. Smiles included!

What happened to the good old days when handwritten cards were a thing?

As kids we loved special mail just as much as creating handmade love notes in return.

Today weā€™re sharing a stamp art idea for your toddler and you that involves messy play. You also walk away with handmade cards for family members or staff at daycare whenever you want to show your appreciation.

Nothing says ā€˜Youā€™re special!ā€™ more than a personality-filled, toddler-made love note!

This stamp art activity is super simple to set up. All you need is kids washable finger paint (we got a set of 6 colours for $10), a Placie, a Stampie set and blank cards or A4 paper that you can fold in half.

Pour a small amount of finger paint onto your Placie (donā€™t worry, simply pop them in the dishwasher and theyā€™ll emerge brand new). Then pick your favourite animal and fit the easily interchangeable silicone stamp onto the wooden Stamper. Now stamp away straight onto the paper or card.!

Our fun Stampies sets come with 15 animal stamps that quickly turn any blank canvas into toddler masterpieces. (We bet theyā€™ll live on aunty Susanā€™s fridge for years to come.)

Hereā€™s a handy tip: Why not let your toddler whip up their own birthday invitations and host a zoo party with personality? Weā€™re all for it!

What we used

  • Kids Washable Finger Paint (set of 6)

How much we spent

  • Kids Washable Finger Paint (set of 6) $10


Pour a small amount of paint onto a plate (or Placie if you have one at home - these are great for the job as they are washable), dip your favourite Stampie into paint, and press onto your homemade card or envelope.

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