Animal Stamping Activity for Toddlers

by Mona Fe on Sep 14, 2022

stamping activity toddlers

The Animal Stamping Activity for Toddlers

Yes, emails are convenient.

But how great was it back in our childhood to come home from school to a handmade postcard from a bestie?

We say itā€™s time to dust off your blank cards, paper stock and envelopes so we can introduce the next generation (our toddlers) to the joys of handmaking cards.

A great way to start is this easy stamping activity for your toddler.

It involves messy play and is the perfect opportunity to put your tiny human in charge of birthdays, special tokens of appreciation and even their party invitations.

All you need for this animal stamping activity is washable finger paint (we only paid $10 for a set of 6 colours), a We Might Be Tiny Australiana Stampies set and a blank canvas.

Every Australiana Stampies sets come with all your favourite Aussie animals that can turn any blank canvas into a personal masterpiece fit for the family fridge.

Start with a manageable amount of finger paint and pick your favourite Aussie animal silicone stamp that easily fits to the wooden Stamper. Dip your stamper into the paint and create your first handmade piece of art.

Want a convenient way to contain the mess?

Simply use a We Might Be Tiny Placie so your table stays clean and the dishwasher can take care of the crafty aftermath for you. #winning

What we used
Kids Washable Finger Paint (set of 6)

How much we spent
Kids Washable Finger Paint (set of 6) $10


Pour a small amount of paint onto a plate (or Placie if you have one at home - these are great for the job as they are washable), dip your favourite Stampie into paint, and press onto your homemade card, postcard, or envelope.

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stamping activity toddlers

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