Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue


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Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue

Gone are the days where your little muncher fires the chef because the sauce was too friendly with the pasta or the green bits tackled the chicken.

Our We Might Be Tiny Stickie Plate puts your little muncher in charge at mealtime. Each toxic-free Stickie Plate lets you neatly portion your foodie creations in three sections instantly spoiling your fussy eater with a personal three course delight.

The Stickie Plate can be easily secured to almost any solid surface with its inbuilt suction base that can withstand even the most determined toddler. Enjoy newfound confidence to safely turn your back without finding the plate and its contents flying across your kitchen like a frisbee.

Made from the highest quality stain-resistant silicone that our We Might Be Tiny products are renowned for, the Stickie Plate can be left to your dishwasher to deal with and emerges brand new after each clean.

The Cat Stickie Plate surprises with cute whisker details and is the purr-fect character choice within the We Might Be Tiny range.

Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue
Cat Stickie Plate - Powder Blue

  • BPA-FREE: Food-safe silicone, independently tested and BPA-free
  • DIVIDED SECTIONS: Manage portions and keep foods separated
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Heat-up food in the oven or microwave and serve
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply rinse or throw in dishwasher
  • SUCTION FOOT: Secures plate to most table surfaces
We Might Be Tiny stickie plates
We Might Be Tiny stickie plates stacked
Why silicone?


Silicone is the miracle component that makes We Might Be Tiny products the versatile and durable wonders they are.

No other material is food-safe and BPA-free while feeling at home in freezing temperatures and soaring heat.

And the best part is that you are directly contributing to saving the planet by using products made from natural materials while reducing waste.

Three cheers to you!

freezer safe


dishwasher safe

up to 230°C

microwave safe

up to 230°C

oven safe

up to 230°C

Customer reviews

Making meal time more fun!

We have been collecting WE MIGHT BE TINY products for a while and I am so glad this style came out. My youngest has always been a terror feeding, playing with her food and throwing her plate on the food. When we got her this yellow bear stickie plate, she had so much fun. The suction was good that it stuck to our high chair. Easy to clean and the quality of the product was 👌🏻

Jenny O.

Practical and Cute

The stickie plate is so much sturdier than I imagined so can be carried easily by my toddler from kitchen to dining table without dropping food. He loves having his meals deconstructed so he can choose to taste each part individually, this plate is perfect for that. The suction underneath is so strong even I forget I can't just knock it easily and then remember I have to peel it off the bench with the handy tab underneath, I love this feature too so my toddler can't push his plate across the table!

Cristina S.

So cute and really sticks!

My little girl loves her new cat stickie plate. She tried so hard to lift it and throw it off her high chair (as she does with everything!) but the stickie plate wouldn’t budge. Finally there was no mess to clean up off the floor after snack time! 👌🏼