Crafting a whimsical 1st of December box for your tiny humans

by Eleanor Cullen on Oct 12, 2023

Christmas Reindeer Basket

Picture this: twinkling lights, the fragrant aroma of pine, and the buzz of anticipation – the holiday season conjures a world of magic, especially for kids.

Now, let's sprinkle some extra enchantment into this season with a twist – the 1st of December box or basket.

This isn't just any box; it's a carefully curated treasure chest filled with surprises that'll kickstart the festive spirit and keep it alive ALL month long. And this year, we're adding a dash of dazzle with We Might Be Tiny's Christmas Reindeer Baskets, ready to hold all those enchanting goodies.

Unravelling the tradition: the 1st of December box

Imagine the excitement building up as the holiday season approaches. That's where the 1st of December box comes in, a tradition that's simple but packs a punch of joy. On December 1st, your little ones wake up to find a beautifully decorated box or basket brimming with small gifts and activities that'll keep the festive spirit alive for the entire month.

It's like a treasure hunt, but instead of pirate booty, they discover daily surprises, forging memories that'll last a lifetime.

We Might Be Tiny's Christmas reindeer baskets: a sprinkle of whimsy

Hold onto your Santa hats because this year, we're taking the tradition up a notch with We Might Be Tiny's Christmas Reindeer Baskets. These adorable, reusable baskets aren't just containers; they're like Santa's sleighs, designed to capture the very essence of the holiday season.

Crafting holiday magic: what goes in your 1st of December box

Letter to Santa kit: Think beyond wish lists – writing and sending a letter to Santa is a timeless Christmas tradition that your tiny humans will treasure. Imagine their glee when they receive a reply from the North Pole!

Christmas cookie stamps for festive fun: The kitchen becomes a magical realm during the holiday season, and We Might Be Tiny's Christmas Stampies are the key to this culinary adventure. These versatile stamp sets are not just for baking; they're for creating heartwarming memories with your little bakers. It's not just about cookies; it's about the joy of crafting together. The act of stamping and baking fosters togetherness and the spirit of giving. With every sweet treat they help create, your little chefs are sprinkling love and making cherished memories.

Materials for DIY decorations: Crafty kids, rejoice! We're adding materials for crafting Christmas decorations or baubles to the mix. Glitter, glue, ribbons, and colourful paper can turn any crafting session into a winter wonderland. As the days go by, your house will be decked with unique and heartfelt decorations, making the countdown to Christmas even more festive.

Christmas colouring book: Get ready for some creative fun! A Christmas-themed book or colouring-in sheet featuring holiday characters is the perfect way to bring the season's enchantment to life. Colouring isn't just an activity; it's a ticket to a world of imagination while staying connected to the holiday spirit.

Christmas pyjamas: There's something truly enchanting about slipping into cosy, festive pyjamas during the holiday season. Adding a pair of Christmas-themed PJs to the 1st of December box guarantees your child will be comfy and snug all season long. Plus, it sets the stage for a month of cosy and joyful nights.
Advent calendar: Unveiling the daily magic

Wait, we're not done yet! The Advent calendar is like the daily dose of Christmas magic. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Behind each numbered door or stored within each pocket or pouch lies a hidden treasure.

Chocolate, tiny toys, or even heartfelt messages await discovery. It's like opening a daily portal to joy and excitement, teaching patience and creating daily moments of togetherness. With its power to infuse each day with holiday magic, the Advent calendar is not just a countdown; it's a tradition that embodies the essence of the season, one door, pocket or pouch at a time.

The gift of traditions: Why the 1st of December box matters

The 1st of December box is more than just a box; it's a tradition that weaves together moments of togetherness, sparks imagination, and nurtures the joy of giving. With each surprise, it becomes a cherished memory, enveloping the family in a warm cocoon of anticipation that captures the true spirit of the holiday season.

As you assemble your 1st of December box this year, remember that the most precious gifts aren't wrapped in paper; they're shared moments of laughter, love, and holiday spirit. Happy holidays and may your 1st of December box sparkle with enchantment! 🎁🌟

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