Friends of We Might Be Tiny: She Be Sorted

by Eleanor Cullen on Apr 03, 2019

Friends of We Might Be Tiny: She Be Sorted

I'm all about SHARING THE LOVE at We Might Be Tiny, so over the next few weeks, we are going to share ALL THE LOVE with our community favourites: long time friends, followers and fans of We Might Be Tiny.

This week? We have featured Brooke from @shebesorted. Personally, I love how generous this mama is with her content. She shares family recipes, her weekly meal plan, organisation tips and just brilliant unique ideas to help you get your family and life in order. 

Plus not to mention, tomorrow marks her 1st Insta birthday!


Featuring Brooke from @shebesorted

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Brooke I was born in Perth and we moved to Melbourne as a family when I started high school.

I got married in Bali to James and we have two boys, Baxter (5) and Wilbur (2). I spend my days chasing after them at home and blogging on Instagram!

What were you like as a kid?

As a kid I was always talking! Some would still call me a chatterbox I think.

Are there any particular traits that you see in your children that are totally you, or your partner?

Baxter likes to be organised and does not stop talking - so much more me (my husband is pretty quiet!).

Wilbur is a total wild child - maybe a bit of me in there too?!

What advice do you wish you could give your OLD self about parenthood, before you had children?

Being a stay at home mum isn’t all lunching and lattes. 

What are your main challenge/s with children when it comes to meal times?

Both are easy eaters so we are very lucky. But sometimes it can feel like it takes Baxter FOREVER for him to finish his dinner because he talks so much. Wilbur just makes a huge mess!

What's your favourite recipe/mix to make icy poles/ice creams using our Frosties?

Blitzed watermelon or frozen flavoured yoghurt.

What's your go-to mid week meal when life gets hectic?

Apricot chicken is a winner with the boys every single time. Otherwise cowboy casserole, pasta bake or crispy chicken wraps. [Recipes all available on my Instagram page!]

What are some of your favourite local brands that you think all mamas need to know about?

We Might Be Tiny of course!

Jem Creative have cute prints (and her Insta stories are pretty entertaining too!) and The Label Store make the most gorgeous custom labels.

How can we best connect with you?

Instagram @shebesorted



Do you consider yourself a friend of We Might Be Tiny, and want to be featured? Comment below to get in touch!

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