Here's what you think of our cat placies

by Eleanor Cullen on Sep 06, 2017

Here's what you think of our cat placies


Sometimes it can be a bit scary buying white products for kids, but I am not disappointed. It's easy to clean and my daughter loves the cute design

- Rebecca

We Might Be Tiny - black cat placie
Dining in style
Powder pink cat, makes dining in style,
Whiskers and eyes make everyone smile.
Perfect place-mat for littlies as it doesn't move around
Best placemat that we have found
- Adrienne
We Might Be Tiny - black cat placie

Great quality - cute design!
My daughter loves cats, she is obsessed so we were given this gorgeous cat placie (mat) from a friend in Melbourne.

Don't be fooled by imitations or cheap versions they just are not the same. The silicone on the cat placie is thick, durable and best of all I pop it in the dishwasher after every meal! It hasn't faded and still looks as good as new.

So easy to wipe down and I have received many compliments. They work well on highchairs and tables.

We also use placie for craft painting as it's easy to wipe clean and pop in the dishwasher!

So cute !!! Will buy more for presents!

- Lauren

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