Air Dry Clay Mini Dish

by Mona Fe on Sep 23, 2022

air dry clay ideas kids

An Easy Air Dry Clay Idea for Kids - The Air Dry Clay Mini Dish

Which kid doesn’t love trinkets of all shapes and sizes? Buttons, figurines, beads and mum’s lost earring she’s written off as lost.

We say, let’s turn their trinket-loving curiosity into a family crafternoon session with this easy air dry clay idea for your kids.

All you need to turn this craft activity into a kid-pleasing exercise is a packet of air dry clay, a small bowl and clingwrap as well as your very own Australiana Stampies set.

Every set comes with a selection of popular Aussie animal stamps that can easily be fitted to the wooden stamper and will add a unique element to every air dry clay mini dish.

5 toddler-friendly minutes is all it takes to create a super cute place for your toddler to store all the teeny tiny finds that usually stay hidden in pockets, bags and remote corners of the living room.

We like to start with naming all the Aussie animals all so you can then pick your favourite for yourself and all the special friends at daycare, kindie and in your neighbourhood. Because these mini dishes make a great low-cost, handmade gift!

This easy air dry clay idea for kids is the perfect Sunday afternoon excuse to spend more time with your tiny human and lets your munchkin relive the moment every time they add a new treasure to their growing trinket collection.

What we used

  • air dry clay - 1 packet
  • small bowl
  • cling wrap

How much we spent

  • air dry clay - 1 packet $7-$15


Roll out clay to about 5 mm thick. Draw a flower on a piece of paper and cut it out to use as a stencil. Place paper flower on top of the clay and carefully cut around it using a sharp knife. Stamp your chosen animal on the centre of the clay.

Line a small bowl with cling wrap then carefully transfer clay flower into the bowl and let it dry in the sun for a few hours until completely dry.

Once dry, paint if desired.

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air dry clay ideas kids

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