Could this possibly be the best Silicone Baby Bib ever?

by Rachel Tan on Feb 09, 2022

Could this possibly be the best Silicone Baby Bib ever?

Possibly the best silicone baby bib ever? You tell us!

Meet our game-changing Catchie Bibs® 2.0

Here at We Might Be Tiny we’ve always been incredibly proud of the loyal community of brand fans we’ve grown over the years.

And as much as they often shower us with love, they also let us know if they see a way to make our products even better.

So when we started picking up a theme among the honest feedback from our Catchie Bibs® customers (those clever parents trusting our best-selling silicone baby bibs), we immediately jumped on it.

What did that look like?

We reinvented an already smashing product. And we made it even better!
So without further ado:

We’d like you to meet the Catchie Bibs® 2.0 and arguably the best silicone baby bib out there.

With an even wider and sturdier catcher, this reincarnation of the original gives our familiar heroes bear, bunny and cat even better tools to combat both liquid and food spills without buckling under pressure.

And it’s all thanks to our brilliant We Might Be Tiny community- YOU - who use our products every day. #pinchmemoment

Ready to take your mess-busting powers to the next level?

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Catchie Bib 2.0

Catchie Bibs 2.0


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