Fun Snacks for Kids | Bunny Fruit Salad

by Eleanor Cullen on Mar 10, 2021

Fun Snacks for Kids

Meet the ultimate fun snack for kids: Bunny Fruit Salad

We’re not talking any old fruit salad here.

Our Bunny Fruit Salad is perfect for those afternoons where all your kids want is a quick snack, ideally in a plastic wrapper. Afternoons where you need a fun snack that convinces them to stay clear of sugary nasties and opt for your healthier alternative instead.

It’s a mission, but it’s not impossible.

Here’s what works wonders at We Might Be Tiny HQ:

Grab your We Might Be Tiny Bunny Stickie Plate, a juicy pineapple and all your munchkins’ favourite fruit.

These 3 magical ingredients will transform any regular fruit salad into a fun afternoon snack that your kids won’t be able to resist.

Over the years we’ve learnt that it all comes down to storytelling. Add charm, character and a narrative to your food and they’ll quickly forget about any packaged pantry items they were eyeing off only minutes ago.

The more effort you put into presentation and detail, the more successful this recipe will be. Use your imagination and create new bunnies with surprising new details your little ones weren’t expecting.

(Don’t have a Bunny plate? Any animal-shaped plate will work a treat. It’s your magical touch that does the trick.)

Makes 1 Bunny Stickie Plate | Prep 5 minutes


  • 450 g (2 cups) or (16 oz) fresh pineapple, finely diced equates to one half pineapple
  • fruits of choice


Cover the base of the Stickie Plate with an even layer of little pineapple pieces. Using your chosen fruits, arrange for ears, eyes, nose, and whiskers.

Serve and enjoy!

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