Hearty Smoked Hambone Stock Cubes Recipe (Kid-Friendly!)

by Mona Fe on Jan 30, 2023

hearty smoked hambone stock cubes recipe kid friendly

When the weather turns chilly, or when your little humans are feeling under the weather, or even when you just want a quick yet healthy meal to serve at dinner, nothing hits the spot quite like a bowl of heartwarming vegetable soup. 

And we’re not talking about the type that comes in a can (although we promise you, this recipe is just as convenient). Instead, here’s a faster, easier and loads healthier alternative for you! 

Delight your whole family with this Smoked Hambone Stock Recipe. It’s such a great starter for so many easy meal ideas, that even your pickiest eaters will be asking for seconds.

And guess what mums, if you like this recipe, you will enjoy the other eight included in WMBT’s soon-to-be-released booklet, "Tiny Mid-Week Hacks". Where you’ll find many different ways to rock kitchen preps for your family. So be sure to check that one out, too!

Making Mealtime Simple & Fun!

Hambone stock is a great start for very hearty meals that are packed with protein and goodess.

To truly get the best flavour, simmer the stock on low heat for at least two hours. While it cooks, occasionally scrape off the gray foam that collects among the bubbles and discard. Don’t forget to strain the stock once ready.

Ham stock can be used immediately, refrigerated, or stored in the freezer for up to three months. If freezing, it is best to store your stock in smaller portions so that you only thaw what you need.

And for that job, we love to whip out our WMBT Freeze & Bake Poddies. 

We love this silicone baking tray, perfectly portioned with 25 snack-sized pods. And because this recipe can fill two trays, you’ll have two dozen fast meals at the ready! 

Once thawed, these little flavour bombs can help enrich everything from soup, to rice to sauces. Sanity = saved! 

All The Good Stuff

Every good soup has a really flavourful stock behind it. And yes, you can choose to use store-bought ones, but there are so many reasons why it’s worthwhile to make your own. 

  • You can salt to taste and control the sodium levels for your munchkins.
  • Gives your leftovers a second chance at life.
  • You know everything that goes in your homemade pot of goodness so you’re confident when it comes to nutritional value.
  • A sneaky way of getting kids to eat vegetables.
  • Nothing beats the punch from homemade flavours (secret ingredient is love, BTW).

Homemade stock isn’t a big project but is loaded with nutrients. 

All that's required is a picked-over hambone that once took center stage at a delicious dinner, some carrots, celery and bay leaf to elevate the flavour, and 8 cups of water. And, voila! A couple of hours later, you'll have homemade stock.

If you’re worried about all the effort that goes into this, it’s actually a simple case of throw, simmer and blitz. And since you can even use leftovers in this recipe, it is also a space-saving hack! How’s that for hitting two birds with one bone

Not only is this recipe a comforting go-to for gloomy days, it’s easy to make and freezes beautifully for fast-forward meals when you need it the most. 

Smoked Hambone Stock Recipe

Makes 50 Mini Poddies (2L) | Prep 2 ½ hours


  • 1 ham hock
  • 2 carrots, peeled and sliced
  • 1 celery stick, sliced
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 L (8 cups) water


Place all ingredients into a large saucepan.

Over a medium-high heat, bring to the boil then reduce the heat, partially cover, and allow to simmer gently for 1 ½ - 2 hours.

Remove from the heat. Strain broth and discard residue.

Allow to cool before skimming off the fat. Transfer to We Might Be Tiny Mini Poddies and place in freezer. 

Pop out a couple of Mini Poddies of stock as a base for a delicious vegetable soup. Simply add to vegetables of choice and water and allow to cook gently until vegetables are tender.

Hungry For More?

In search for more vegetable soup ideas? Then you’ll love these! 

Here are a couple of great recipe ideas to try with our Smoked Hambone Stock:

Ham, Egg & Noodle Soup:

With a good balance of protein and carbs, this super quick soup is incredibly filling. The little buggers will love slurping this up at the end of an active day. Just sauté some carrots, celery and red peppers. Add in your stock and simmer. Top it off with cooked noodles and halved-boiled eggs. 

Chunky Minestrone:

Frozen veggies for the win! Great for evenings when you need to get a meal on the table fast. It is also a substantial soup, helping to nourish hungry tummies at the end of a busy day. Soften some onions, garlic, and tinned tomatoes in a pan. Add in your stock and simmer on low heat. Add frozen vegetables and mixed beans and cook until they have heated through. Serve with some bread and grated cheese.

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hearty smoked hambone stock cubes recipe kid friendly 

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