Welcome to We Might Be Tiny'sĀ Content Bible!

These guidelines are specifically forĀ brand representatives or influencers collaborating with us. As a brand, we value creativity, authenticity, and simplicity in our content. We believe in sharing fun, practical, and sustainable products that bring joy and ease to everyday life.

To help you create amazing content that represents our brand well, here are some guidelines for creating Instagram photos and videos.


  • Use natural light: Our products look best when captured in natural light, preferably during the day when the light is brightest. Avoid using flash or artificial lighting that may distort the colours of our products.Ā 
  • Keep it raw:Ā We prefer rawĀ video and photography toĀ show offĀ the products in their real true colours. That means pleaseĀ avoid over editing by adding filters, text or frames.
  • Keep it simple: We love minimalism! Make sure the focus is on the product and keep the background and props simple to allow our product to shine.
  • Show the product in use: We love to see how people use our products in their everyday lives. Please consider showcasing our products in use, whether it's by your children or yourself.
  • Use high-qualityĀ images:Ā It doesn't needĀ need to look like a professional photographer has taken the content ā€“Ā we value authenticity. However we appreciate high-quality photography and videographyĀ that are clear and well-lit. Images with a resolution of 1080 w x 1920 h pixels work best on Instagram and social media.


  • Keep it short and sweet: Videos that are 15-25 seconds or less perform best on Instagram. Please keep the video length in mind when creating content for us. Providing 1-2 minutes of additional raw video footage also meansĀ we have more to work with.
  • Highlight product features: Our products are designed with practicality and functionality in mind. Please focus on showcasing the unique features of our products in your videos.
  • Tell a story: We love to see our products in action and how they are used in your daily life. Consider creating a mini-story that features our product.
  • Use natural light: As with photos, natural light is the best for video content. Avoid using flash or artificial lighting that may distort the colours of our products.

General tips

Use our products: We love when our products are used and showcased by real people. Please use our products in your daily life and create content that reflects that. For example -Ā preparing food in the kitchen, your kids setting the table.

AvoidĀ using competing products: We love sharing other brands, especially when they are complementary (think Goldie + Ace overallsĀ while helping prepare foodĀ in the kitchen). But if you includeĀ brands that directly compete with our offering, it's unlikely that we'll be able to use the content unfortunately!Ā 

Be authentic: We value authenticity and transparency in all of our collaborations. Please ensure that your content accurately reflects your experience with our products.

Tag us: Please tag us (@wemightbetiny) in all of your content so that we can see it and potentially share it with our followers.

Hashtags: Please use the following hashtags when sharing content related to our brand: #WeMightBeTiny

We can't wait to see what you create! If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.