Happy Easter - A5 Booklet


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Happy Easter - A5 Booklet
Happy Easter - A5 Booklet
Happy Easter - A5 Booklet

From the Easter Bunny and egg hunts to egg decorating and Easter trees, every family has its own unique Easter traditions which are enjoyed each year. As our little ones get excited about what surprises our furry floppy-eared friend will leave for them, it can often be an extremely chocolatey affair. However, it is incredibly easy to supercharge these Easter treats with healthier, way more nourishing but equally delicious, ingredients.

This booklet provides you with 8 of our favourite Easter recipes for you to enjoy with your kiddiwinks this Easter. Serve them up in any of the We Might Be Tiny’s beautiful and functional tableware and we guarantee you will have some eggstremely happy kiddos!

Recipes included:

  • Bunny pancakes
  • Capsicum hummus & bunny fuel
  • Peanut choco-crunchy eggs
  • Spaghetti nests
  • Chickpea flan bites
  • Hot cross poddies
  • Carrot cake smoothie
  • Bunny fruit salad

This is a 20pp A5 booklet, printed on 120gsm uncoated recycled paper with a 300gsm uncoated recycled paper cover.

Happy Easter - A5 Booklet
Happy Easter - A5 Booklet
Happy Easter - A5 Booklet



Recipe Booklet Bundle - 7x A5 Booklets


Let’s face it. There are a million toddler recipe books out there.

But not many please your tiny human AND save your sanity.

Here at We Might Be Tiny we’re all about practical, time-saving and tasty ideas that make nurturing your little munchkin a real joy. For both of you.

Over the years we’ve worked with some of the most inspiring experts to bring you recipe books and food guides to support you through the many stages of early life with your growing baby and toddler.

To make things even easier, we’ve created the ultimate toddler recipe book bundle.

Now you can grab the hard copy and ebook version of every We Might Be Tiny booklet with the click of a button and save instantly.

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