8 Styling Tips for a Stunning Boho Table Setting

by Rachel Tan on Aug 07, 2021

Boho Table Setting Tips

Featuring our We Might Be Tiny round silicone placemats

Boho-inspired table settings have been growing in popularity over the past few years.

What we like about it is that boho has no rules. Things can be mismatched. It’s unrefined and a sensory feast. And it’s the perfect place to add your personal touch.

We thought we’d invite interior designer Margaux from The French Folk to give us some expert tips and show us how to feature our round silicone placemats among the rich blend of colours, textures and patterns you’d expect at a boho dinner party. Because, why not?

And the end result is nothing but extraordinary.

Boho Table Setting TipsBoho Table Setting TipsBoho Table Setting TipsBoho Table Setting Tips

Today we’re sharing with you 8 styling tips we took away from the incredible look Margaux created so you can impress your guests young and old with your very own go at a boho table setting. Without any rules!

  1. Add a hint of nature
    Dried flowers and ferns add to the natural aesthetics and colour palette of your table. Not only do they add warmth, they also are a great way to add multiple layers to your design. Lay them flat or arrange them in a bouquet as the centrepiece of your table. The sky’s the limit.
  2. Embrace earthy tones
    Neutrals, browns and earthy tones take centre stage on a boho-inspired dinner table. And we’re all for it! Whether you feature a cream linen tablecloth, rust fabric napkins or our chocolate brown round silicone placemat, you’ll set the scene for an inviting gathering that’s warm and welcoming.
  3. Make matte finishes your style bestie
    Matte is boho’s middle name. Play with unglazed ceramics, dinnerware and accessories and use these pieces to add texture in your styling. They’ll spark interest and curiosity among your guests and could even serve as a conversation starter. Because who doesn’t love unrefined touches with a handmade feel?
  4. Fall in love with linen
    Linen tablecloths and napkins should be on any boho-lovers staples list. Linen has such great qualities that make it the perfect choice for your next boho dinner party. It’s the raw and slightly imperfect nature of this fabric that makes it so soft to touch and inviting.
  5. Opt for brass
    Your dinner party wouldn’t be the same without stunning brass focal points. Margaux has opted for a brass candle holder and cutlery, but the options are endless. Think vases, planters and other accessories that go so well with the boho colour palette and style.
  6. Love your layers
    This is your invite to go layer crazy. Stack your plates, add those napkins and use your imagination. Not only does layering add depth and visual interest to your boho table setting, it draws you in to explore. And our We Might Be Tiny Round Placie does it so well in this design.
  7. Go vintage
    As we said before, boho loves the unrefined and the mismatched. So get out nana’s glassware and dust off your vintage shop finds from your last trip to the country. This is the perfect opportunity to show off what’s been hidden away at the back of the cupboard.
  8. Have fun
    Boho table settings are your permission to be playful. Allow yourself to play with textures and explore your creative side. Your guests will talk about this gathering for years to come and it might just as well go down in history as the most sensory dinner party ever. With a boho touch!

Keen to organise your very own boho dinner party? Grab your Round Placies.

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8 Styling Tips for a Stunning Boho Table Setting

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