Anything but Tiny! Eleanor's journey from side-hustle to global brand

by Eleanor Cullen on Aug 10, 2021

eCommerce Marketing Society Podcast - Eleanor Cullen

We Might Be Tiny founder, Eleanor Cullen,Ā has been featured on theĀ eCommerce Marketing Society Podcast with Lisa Byrne.

Eleanor shares all thingsĀ business, marketing, and how she grew We Might Be Tiny from a side-hustle to a global brand now loved by children in 40+ countries.

TheyĀ chat:

  • How We Might Be Tiny started whilst Eleanor was on maternity leave
  • How choosing the right business model set We Might Be Tiny up for success from day 1
  • How the business and marketing strategies have evolved over 6 years
  • How We Might Be Tiny shifted to direct-to-consumer sales
  • Launching a new product using an army of influencers
  • How investing in yourself and skills is important
  • Eleanor's advice for business owners in the early year trenches of growing a business

If you're interested in a sneaky peek behind the curtains, take a listen on Spotify or Apple iTunes.

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