8 Budget-Friendly School Holiday Activities at Home

by Mona Fe on Jan 11, 2023

budget friendly school holiday activities at home

Because your family budget likes to get in the way of non-stop outings  

Summer holidays are great, but there are only so many theme parks, zoos and shows that fit within the regular family budget.

And when wet and windy La Niña rears its head yet again (who’s still counting), it’s time to come up with a backup plan that keeps young and old entertained with school holiday activities in the family home.

We’ve compiled our 8 most popular WMBT recipes, activities and crafternoon sessions to keep your tiny humans busy until school returns after summer:

1. Make a Nature Mobile

This fun project is not only budget-friendly, it’s also a great excuse to venture into your neighbourhood and work with what nature has to offer. All you need for this nature mobile crafternoon session is air dry clay (we bought 1 packet of clay for $7 and a tube of bio glitter for $15) and your favourite Stampies set.

2. Start your frozen yoghurt parlour

And even if you don’t have a pool, set up the sprinkler and enjoy these super delicious frozen treats as you cool down. These popsicles are the perfect excuse to turn morning or afternoon into an uber-cool licking extravaganza that the kids can absolutely DIY. All you need to turn your kitchen into a frozen yoghurt parlour is our award-winning Icy Pole Moulds.

3. DIY a keyring for the new school year

We’re guessing your little one loves a good keyring on their school bag. So why not add another one they can proudly show off when they return for another year? This super simple DIY FIMO keyring crafternoon session comes in at well under $10 per keyring and is the perfect activity for playdates with friends or a lazy rainy summer day in. Grab a Stampies set, and off you go.

4. Ditch store-bought Boba for homemade

Shopping centre Bubble Teas for the whole family can quickly add up. Thankfully there’s a super easy recipe for your kids to become the master of their own Boba Tea destiny in their kitchen. The other benefit? You can determine how much sugary extras find their way into your creation. Grab your Bubble Tea Straws to complete the authentic Boba Tea session without visiting your busy shopping centre or refinancing your family home.

5. Run a cake stall

School holidays are the perfect time for your tiny humans to dream big and scheme. And if they’re keen entrepreneurs who want to give the neighbourhood bakery a run for their money, here’s a healthy and deliciously easy banana bread recipe as the first product for their driveway cake stall. And our We Might Be Tiny Freeze & Bake Poddies turn this recipe into bite-sized bear, bunny and cat characters that even the fussiest of kids won’t resist.

6. Host a Teddy Bear’s Picnic

If the school besties have escaped on a beachside holiday, that doesn’t mean your days at home have to be lonely. Grab your favourite plushies, teddy bears and cuddly friends and treat the entire family to a fun backyard picnic. And our tasty Fruit Jelly Cups make the perfect summer treat to sweeten the deal. All you need is a set of our silicone Muffin Cups, and off you go.

7. Start your family pizzeria

As a kid, there simply is nothing better than late summer nights with the family. Actually, hold that thought. Throw a pizza into the mix, and you probably can top that! Here’s our invite to get the kids to DIY pizzas for the whole family. Here at We Might Be Tiny, we love this recipe for Mini Pizza Dudes. It’s so much fun and allows the little ones’ imagination to run wild. Don’t love the mess that goes with it? Simply grab one of our Placies for easy-peasy cleanup after.

8. Style the homework desk

School holidays are a great time to tidy what’s left and reset everything for the new school year. But that doesn’t have to be boring. Making a penholder for all your favourite crayons, pens and pencils is a great starting point. And for only $2.50, there’s enough salt dough to go around for one desk feature and the siblings’ too. And our We Might Be Tiny Stampies make the creations even more irresistibly cute.

The verdict?

School holidays don’t have to be costly, exhausting and involve daily excursions.

The family home is perfect for creativity-boosting adventures that can lead to BIG things.

Which one are you going to explore first?

Explore the many We Might Be Tiny products waiting for a holiday activity session?


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