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Buy silicone drinking straws for little ones

We believe these inventions are the best things for your little angels, as they make for an easy transition from sucking on a teat or nipple to one of these. They even keep spillage to a minimum.

However, most importantly, disposable designs are creating landfill issues and seriously damaging the wildlife. According to Sustainability Victoria, Australians dispose of over 10 million plastic versions each day. What’s worse is that humans are also consuming 121,000 microplastic particles every year.

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Many governments are banning single-use varieties, so there are quite a few non-toxic, reusable straws currently in the market. While stainless steel and bamboo options are suitable for adults, these inflexible products can cause serious injury to a toddler if they fall while using them.

We are doing our part by offering parents silicone reusable straws for kids safe for babies and the planet. Our great options are made for convenience and safety and reduce the havoc disposable one are having on the environment. Buy silicone options from our range, as these non-toxic designs are soft, chewable, and safe on the tenderest of palates and gums.

Keep little ones happy with our reusable silicone straws

We know that children love sucking on these products; it is so much easier and less messy than drinking from a cup. So how do you get babies to start using them? There is a simple knack - place a silicone straw in a glass of water or juice, use your finger to cover the opening and it out of the cup. This creates a vacuum and seals the water inside it. Place the bottom of it in your little one’s mouth and release your finger momentarily to allow a little liquid to drip through. They should instinctively close their lips around it and begin sucking on it. After this introduction and some practice, your baby will learn to suck fluids through the top of the product on their own.

Keep our designs handy; you can place them in your bag in a sealed container and be confident that your little munchkin will not be exposed to germs. They are ideal for smoothies, shakes, juices, milk, and water. They also feature a bend that extends over the edge of the glass or cup, allowing little children to reach the beverage better without tilting the glass or cup and spilling its contents on themselves or on the floor. Check out the straw for kids range now and take your pick from our diverse bunch. Pair with our baby divided plates and toddler placemats for easy mealtimes.

  • BPA-FREE: Food-safe silicone, independently tested and BPA-free
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: Suitable for kids and adults!
  • FLEXIBLE & SOFT: No risk of hurting little teeth or lips
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Portable stainless steel cleaning brush included
  • ANGLED TIP: Allows you to reach that last drop
  • WIDER DESIGN: Lets smaller ice or fruit chunks pass through
We Might Be Tiny bunny placemats by the pool
Table of children with We Might Be Tiny placemats
We Might Be Tiny bunny placie in mint
Why silicone?


Silicone is the miracle component that makes We Might Be Tiny products the versatile and durable wonders they are.

No other material is food-safe and BPA-free while feeling at home in freezing temperatures and soaring heat.

And the best part is that you are directly contributing to saving the planet by using products made from natural materials while reducing waste.

Three cheers to you!


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