How to Host a Fun Tea Party for Kids

by Eleanor Cullen on Oct 26, 2021

How to Host a Fun Tea Party for Kids - Fairylicious Afternoon Delights

How to Host a Fun Tea Party for Kids - Fairylicious Afternoon Delights

The Ultimate Tea Party For Kids

The Ultimate Kids Tea Party Guide

Kids can get lost in imaginary play for hours. That includes imitating the way us grown ups behave, interact and socialise.

And that’s one of the reasons why tea parties are so popular for kids’ birthdays and a great excuse to gather all their little friends for an unforgettable afternoon of sweet treats and fancy delights.

But before the actual party, there’s that moment where you’re wondering how to possibly host a tea party for your kids that’s anything but plain.

Thankfully we’ve compiled the ultimate kids tea party guide for you so hosting the funnest tea party ever becomes a walk in the park.

Looking for a plug-and-play theme?

We’ve partnered with lifestyle photographer @thuie to create a stunning afternoon tea party theme ready for you to take and run with. It’s the stuff that little girls’ (and boys’) dreams are made of!

Theme your table

The secret to any memorable tea party is a backdrop that makes the guests feel like kings and queens for the day.

With that we mean:

  • Picking a colour scheme
  • Complementing it with matching flowers
  • Adding personal touches with handwritten place cards
  • Collecting luxe plates and platters to add a hint of luxury
  • Deciding on placemats to add depth and character (we’ve used our silicone Bear Placies)

Wow with baked treats

With any tea party, there’s usually a decent spread of bite-sized snacks to keep the little guests entertained for hours.

Serving your creations in colourful cupcake moulds not only adds a splash of colour to the decor, it also makes it super simple to quickly grab your favourite.

We’ve gone with our popular silicone Muffin Cups to serve a sweet selection of cupcakes that convince with both their flavour and finishing touches.

Silicone Muffin Cups

Stuck for treat ideas?

Try our refined sugar-free Blueberry Muffin recipe for a healthy alternative to other sugary staples.

Impress with this colourful mocktail

Now that we’ve covered the edible side of things, let’s outshine the eye-catching baked creations with a thristquencher just as impressive: Magic Butterfly Potion

It’s the ultimate drink fit for the little prince or princess in your life.

 Magic Butterfly Potion

What you need?

How to work your magic: 

  1. Create your very own super cute bunny, cat and bear ice cubes as the centrepiece of this magic potion. Simply fill your Freeze & Bake Mini Poddie with a selection of fresh fruit and top up with water. Pop it in the freezer until frozen. Our Icy Lemon Friends recipe might be a good starting point to spark your imagination
  2. Brew the butterfly pea flower tea and let it cool completely
  3. Once you’re ready to serve the guests, fill each glass with plenty of ice cubes
  4. Fill the glass about halfway with the butterfly pea flower tea
  5. Add a dash of grapefruit cordial
  6. Fill to the top with lemonade
  7. Enjoy!

Afternoon Delight 

Don’t forget the grown ups

Well, we’ve got your young guests covered but what about the hosts?

Our fancy Butterfly Magic Potion can easily be turned into a mouthwatering adult version simply by adding your favourite vodka or gin.

So once the tiny guests have finished their feast and have moved on to frolicking with their friends outside, it’s your turn to sit down with a grown-up cocktail and a treat.

It’s your moment to celebrate yourself for putting on an unforgettable tea party your kids will talk about for years to come.

And that deserves a massive pat on the back!

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The ultimate kids tea party

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