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by Eleanor Cullen on Aug 19, 2021

We Might Be Tiny on Weekend Sunrise

We Might Be Tiny was featured on both Weekend Sunrise and the Channel 7 News this week for our Stampies international award nomination.

Both programs aired on Sunday 15 August 2021.

Weekend Sunrise

Video transcript 

Matt: A Melbourne mum is in the running for an international award for a product that was inspired by the pandemic.

Eleanor Cullen was looking for fun things to do with her kids during lockdown when she came up with Stampies – clever little creations that can be used for cookies or artwork.

Monique: How cute! She was already doing pretty well before cover developing a range of popular silicone tableware products for youngsters and now she's in the running for this UK design award and her business which is called We Might Be Tiny, is anything but!

Eleanor Cullen joins us now from her Melbourne home. Morning to you Eleanor. Congratulations wow they're going so well. Just tell us about Stampies - how did you dream them up and how do they work?

Eleanor: So it's a set of 15 really fun and adorable silicone cookie stamps that have animals illustrated on them and they were inspired by lockdown last year when i was at home with my kids Freddie and Goldie and we were really looking for activities that we could do together.

So I thought these stamps would be kind of perfect especially because spending so much time in the kitchen and the kids had a lot of fun helping me choose animals and choosing the colours and they helped even test some of the prototypes that i received.

We even printed out little colouring in sheets and they coloured the animals in just to see that they worked okay.

I think the reason they've just become so popular is because they're fairly open-ended so they're not just cookie stamps we've been seeing children using them with play-doh, stamping into sandwich bread, making pastries, arts and crafts and they've really given families an opportunity to get creative without too much effort.

And I think, you know, anything that keeps kids busy usually makes us parents happy.

Matt: Yes yeah well said uh that vision and those photographs just just adorable you can see why it's taken off and has been such a such a success. The verdict on the UK design award could happen any moment are you a little nervous?

Eleanor: Yeah very nervous. I've been really fortunate to win for the last four years in a row actually for various products in my children's tableware range but this is the first time I've been shortlisted in the creative play category for the Stampies so it's something a little bit different and yeah it's really exciting.

Monique: I was on your website last night there's just the most gorgeous things on there love it all Eleanor best of luck with it uh already a winner these look fantastic thank you thank you very much. Yeah, how awesome!

Don't go anywhere Weekend Sunrise is back in just a moment.


Channel 7 News

Stamp of Success: 'Mumpreneur' Shortlisted for Design Award For Pandemic Creation

Video transcript

Peter: A Dandenong's mum is in the running for an international award for her pandemic-inspired product.

Eleanor Cullen was keeping her children occupied during last year's lockdown when she came up with Stampies that can be used for cookies or artwork.

Eleanor: We were really looking for fun activities that we could do together so I thought these stamps would be kind of perfect especially because we were spending so much time in the kitchen.

Peter:  Judging is underway for the Junior Design Awards and the verdict is due any day.

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