Chia Kiwi Pudding Pouch Popsicles

by Mona Fe on Aug 17, 2023

Chia Kiwi Pudding Pouch Popsicles

Summertime means it’s popsicle season in almost every household!

All kids (and kids at heart) love a nice iced lolly, especially when the sun is shining bright. But let’s face it mums, we’re not too crazy about the sticky fingers and smeared cheeks. The question is, how do we keep our cool amidst the cleanup? How can we serve our tiny humans their healthy frozen treats without the mess? 

We’ve thought long and hard for a solution over at the WMBT HQ, and we’re happy to say that we’ve found ourselves a winner with these space-saving and super versatile WMBT Sunnie Ice Block Moulds! This silicone mould is the most charming kitchen tool to help you make perfectly portioned culinary treats. Just like everything else in the WMBT collection, this silicone block mould makes meal preps simple and efficient – while being a good friend to the environment. 

Plus, it’s so darned cute – your tots wouldn’t be able to resist anything that’s served in it. Yes, picky eaters included!

Which brings us to your next favourite summertime treat – the Chia Kiwi Pudding Pouch Pops.

If your family is a fan of Chia Pudding, you will LOVE this recipe. Time for the whole gang to enjoy a deliciously sweet treat that can pass for a breakfast-to-go, snack and dessert. So grab a pop, get out and enjoy the sunshine!

And guess what mums, if you like this recipe, you’ll enjoy the other summer treats we have lined up in our WMBT Sunnie Ice Block recipe collection. There you’ll find more sweat-free recipes, all of which use the Sunnie Ice Block Moulds, to keep your munchkins cool this season. So be sure to check that one out, too!

Kids in the Kitchen

These nutrilicious chia pudding pops are a perfect summer treat; they’re packed with protein and they’re easy to make, too.

✔️ Kiwi is rich in potassium and fibre - great in improving digestion.

✔️ Chia seeds are HIGH in Omega-3 - great for boosting brain and heart health.

✔️ Coconut milk is rich in nutrients and good fats for the body – great for brain development and healthy skin. It also contains a number of vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins C & E.

If it’s your first time serving your kids these super seeds, you should know that there is no recommended daily limit of chia. However, they do need to be combined with liquids beforehand until they expand - like milk, water, or even yoghurt. Soaked chia seeds soften enough to give it a texture that makes them easy to chew and digest.

Still building your kitchen confidence? Have no worries, mums. Healthy desserts don’t have to be complicated – and they don’t have to be boring either! This four-ingredient, throw-and-go recipe is guaranteed to perk up any hot, humid day. Everyone will come running for the refreshing taste of frozen kiwi, creamy coconut notes, and chewy chia. 

Best part? You can totally customise this recipe with any fruit you fancy! 

And because this Chia Kiwi Pudding Pouch Popsicles recipe is easy-peasy to put together, it can double as a fun bonding activity for the whole family. Simply gather all the ingredients beforehand and let tiny hands take over!

  • Slice & Dice! Big kids can help carefully cut up the kiwis. Or, mum can take over this task.
  • Measure. Your kids can take turns pouring and measuring the milk and chia seeds. This can be tricky for little fingers, so just be sure that you either measure them beforehand or measure over a larger bowl to catch any spills.
  • Mix & Pour. Use a large liquid measuring cup to make it easier to pour into the moulds. 
  • Assemble. The fun bit! Carefully place the kiwis along the sides of the pouch before pouring in the pudding. Want to save some time? Just chop up the kiwis and mix them right in.

Other Cool Flavours To Try

We love this tangy treat as it is, but here are other phenomenal flavours you might want to take a bite out of.

  • Mango Madness: Add fresh mango puree to your base recipe for a layer of sunshine in every bite.
  • Berrylicious Burst: No kiwis on hand, no problem! Feel free to use any fruit that makes you happy. Berries are a great alternative for this recipe – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cherries.
  • Banana-loco: Love frozen bananas? Swap out the kiwi for sliced bananas, drizzle with melted dark chocolate and top it off with toasted coconut. 

Are you ready to impress your family and friends during the summer heatwave? 

Chia Kiwi Pudding Pouch Popsicles Recipe

Makes 2 Sunnie Ice Blocks | Prep 5 minutes | Freeze 6 hours


  • 250 ml (1 cup) coconut milk
  • 60 ml (¼ cup) condensed coconut milk
  • 40 g (¼ cup) chia seeds
  • 2 kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced


Place coconut milk and condensed coconut milk in a high-speed food processor and blitz until well combined.

Add chia seeds and stir in by hand. Allow to stand until thickened.

Add sliced kiwi to the sides of your favourite We Might Be Tiny Sunnie Ice Block Moulds then fill with chia mixture. 

Freeze until solid, at least 6 hours. 

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    Chia Kiwi Pudding Pouch Popsicles 

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