Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries & Dates For Kids

by Mona Fe on Oct 17, 2022

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries & Dates For Kids

Itā€™s the season for parties, potlucks,Ā and the occasional food fairs!

Kids love ā€˜em. Busy mums? Not always.

But you will now!

Forget complicated recipes, unhealthy alternatives,Ā or even kitchen clean-up disasters with this ridiculously easy recipe that is not only guaranteed to be a hit with the kids, but the adults too!

This Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry & Dates recipe is a no-sweat, fuss-free snack that will bring on the ā€œWOWsā€ once served. Ā Who doesnā€™t love fruit and chocolate, right? The little munchkins over at the WMBT HQ canā€™t get enough of it!

A definite winner in our book, so weā€™re sharing this recipe as well as other fun fruit alternatives to try.

And guess what, mums, if you like this recipe, you will enjoy the other nine included in WMBTā€™s soon-to-be-released booklet, ā€˜Party Foodsā€™. There youā€™ll find a ton of nutrilicious recipes that are a treat for the eyes and the tiny tummies. Rocking party preps has never been this easy-peasy! So be sure to check that one out, too.

Fun With FRUIT

Got fussy eaters? Not when this is on the table.

In fact, kids will love this from start to finish! It doesnā€™t take much to get this kid-friendly recipe prepped and ready, so itā€™s a fun activity for your kids to get involved in. Let your munchkins have a go at washing the fruit, dipping, and sprinkling the funfetti. Simply gather all the ingredients beforehand and let your childrenā€™s inner chef come alive!

If you have little hands helping, you will want to make sure the bowl and the chocolate aren't too hot. Guide them when holding the strawberry, keeping their fingers by the stem when dipping.

These chocolate-covered strawberries and dates are awesome because:

They make a decadent snack without compromising on nutritional punch

  • Theyā€™rea wonderful treat kids and kids-at-heart LOVE
  • The recipe only requires four simple ingredients
  • And theylook super impressive when served!

Want to elevate this culinary cutie even more? Serve them up usingĀ our adorable and incredibly versatile WMBT Snackies. Not only do these silicone snack boxes function as a great to-go container for picnics and school lunches, they also level up the cuteness factor when used as a serving dish at parties, sans the lid!

They areĀ also non-stick and non-slip, super durable,Ā and shatter-proof. The perfect combo when you have a bunch of kids running around, right?

All-Time Party Favourite

This party-food idea is the perfect recipe to get your little ones to eat their fruit and have fun while getting their nutrition in, too!

While studies (and a ton of parents) indicate that kids are not getting the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, this is the one fruit that you wonā€™t have any trouble getting your child to eat. And cā€™mon, itā€™s wrapped in chocolate and sprinkles. Your picky eaters donā€™t stand a chance!

Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C and are a great source of dietary fibre. Not only are they nutrilicious, but they are also the perfect size for little handsĀ to grab and gobble up.

Not as popular but packing an equally impressive nutritional punch are dates. Dates contain multiple vitamins, minerals, and even fibre.Ā In fact, itā€™s considered one of the greatest food discoveries of all time! Thatā€™s how awesome your snack is, TYVM (and a high-five!).

Chocolate - usually given as a treat or an occasional luxury to indulge in ā€“ actually provides numerous health benefits too. This recipe uses dark chocolate, which contains nutrients, healthy fats, and antioxidants.Ā The darker the chocolate, the less sugar it has and the greater the positive effects.

Chocolate, Strawberries & Dates Recipe

Makes 6 Portions | Prep 15 minutes


  • 250 g (1 punnet) strawberries
  • 125 g (Ā¾ cup) Medjool dates, stones removed
  • 100 g (1 bar) dark chocolate, melted
  • Funfetti/sprinkles, optional


Line a tray with parchment paper (or a PlacieĀ if you have one).

Dip the strawberry tips into the melted chocolate then place them onto the lined tray.

Repeat with the Medjool dates, completely coating each date, and sprinkling with funfetti/sprinkles, before placing on the lined baking tray.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes to allow the chocolate to set before serving in your favourite Snackie.

Hungry for more?

Spark your munchkinsā€™ culinary creativity with this super simple recipe. Over at the WMBT HQ, we love this recipe as is, but there are also other fun options if you want to switch it up!

Here are a few of our other favourites:

  • Bananas
  • Apple Slices
  • Blueberries
  • Dried Mangoes
  • Dried Apricots

You can also dip your fruit in white and milk chocolate and swap out sprinkles with crushed nuts for added variety.

A picture-perfect party spread all the guests will gravitate to!


Ā Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries & Dates For Kids

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