The Fruity Oats Recipe Your Toddler Will Love

by Mona Fe on Jun 27, 2021

fruity oats porridge recipe toddlers

Porridge with Pear Compote: The Fruity Oats Recipe Your Toddler Will Love

Who doesnā€™t love warm porridge for breakfast when outside is looking rather frosty?

The kids at We Might Be Tiny HQ have been big fruity oats fans for as long as we can remember. So sharing this toddler-friendly porridge recipe on the blog was a no-brainer.

It combines the earthy goodness of ground oats with the sweet flavours of fresh pears. And, to be honest, itā€™s irresistible on a cold winter morning.

And it certainly is worth getting up 10 minutes earlier so you can surprise your munchkin with this tummy-warming delight that will start your day on the right foot.

Hereā€™s our tip to make this breakfast extravaganza even more exciting:

Dish it all up in one of our fun We Might Be Tiny Stickie Plates. Not only do they feature our signature bear, cat or bunny characters, they also firmly attach to most highchairs and flat surfaces so that your sticky porridge creation stays where itā€™s meant to beā€•in your tiny humanā€™s tummy, not all over the kitchen floor.

And when your munchkinā€™s done, simply let your dishwasher take care of things for you. Because youā€™ve got morning snuggles to take care of.

Makes 2 Stickie Plates


  • 2Ā pears,Ā steamedĀ andĀ pureed
  • 100Ā gĀ (1/2 cup)Ā oatĀ kernels,Ā groundĀ toĀ aĀ flourĀ 
  • 250Ā mlĀ (1Ā cup)Ā milk


In a saucepan, gently heat the ground oats and milk until cooked and creamy. Add extra milk for desired consistency.

Transfer to a Stickie Plate and drizzle the pear puree over the top.

Add your favourite toppings. We love tahini, nuts, seeds, and berries

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