Fun in the Kitchen: Apple Slice Recipe for Little Chefs

by Mona Sotomayor on Feb 20, 2024

Simple Apple Slice Recipe for Kids and Families

At We Might Be Tiny, we're all about embracing the joy of mealtimes and making them a breeze for both parents and their tiny chefs. Today, we have a delightful and straightforward recipe that's not only delicious but also perfect for involving your little ones in the kitchen. Our Apple Slice is a fun and wholesome treat that encourages kids to participate in the cooking process while making unforgettable family memories. So, put on your aprons, gather your tiny chefs, and let's create a culinary masterpiece together!

Prep Time: 40 minutes


  • 150 g butter
  • 1 egg, whisked
  • 60 ml (¼ cup) maple syrup
  • 115 g (1 cup) spelt flour
  • 100 g (1 cup) oats
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp allspice
  • 6-8 small apples, peeled, cut into small chunks, and steamed until soft.


  1. Preheat the Oven: Begin by preheating your oven to 180°C (350°F) and line a slice tin with parchment paper.
  2. Get Your Tiny Chefs Ready: This is where the fun begins! Gather your little ones around the kitchen counter and put their chef hats on. Let them know they're going to be your kitchen assistants for the day.
  3. Whisk the Wet Ingredients: In a mixing bowl, let your tiny chefs take turns whisking together the melted butter, the whisked egg, and the sweet maple syrup. Make sure they enjoy every moment of the whisking process – it's all part of the fun.
  4. Add the Dry Ingredients: Now, it's time for a bit of teamwork. Let your little chefs add the spelt flour, oats, cinnamon, and allspice to the mixture. Encourage them to take turns stirring the ingredients and watch as the mixture transforms into a delicious dough.
  5. Create the Base: It's time for tiny hands to shine! Have your little ones press two-thirds of the mixture into the prepared slice tin. This part is like crafting with playdough, and they'll love making a solid base.
  6. Layer the Apples: Now, let your tiny chefs arrange the steamed apple chunks on top of the base. It's like piecing together a puzzle. They'll enjoy creating a beautiful pattern, and it's a fantastic way to develop their fine motor skills.
  7. Add the Final Touch: Give your little ones the important task of spooning the remaining oat mixture on top of the apples. Show them how to gently press it down with a spatula – this is where they can put their strength to good use.
  8. Baking Time: Place your creation in the preheated oven and let your tiny chefs know it's time to be patient. While it's baking (20-25 minutes), you can all enjoy the delightful aroma filling the kitchen.
  9. Cool and Slice: Once the Apple Slice has cooled, let your tiny chefs take the lead in cutting it into slices. It's a great way to teach them patience and precision, and it's a moment to cherish as a family.

The Beauty of Cooking with Kids

Cooking with your children isn't just about preparing a meal; it's a chance to create beautiful memories and teach them valuable life skills. Encouraging your tiny chefs to get involved in the kitchen offers a multitude of benefits:

  1. Fosters Creativity: Cooking is an art, and it allows your kids to express their creativity. They can experiment with flavours and decorations, making each dish a unique masterpiece.
  2. Enhances Motor Skills: Tasks like mixing, pouring, and cutting help improve your child's fine and gross motor skills. These skills are vital for their overall development.
  3. Boosts Confidence: When kids see that they can contribute to the family meal, it boosts their self-esteem. They'll beam with pride when they taste the dish they helped create.
  4. Encourages Healthy Eating: Children who cook tend to be more open to trying new foods. When they have a hand in the preparation, they're more likely to eat what's on their plate.
  5. Quality Time: Cooking together is quality bonding time. It's an opportunity to chat, laugh, and share stories while creating something delicious.

Our Apple Slice Recipe: A Gateway to Culinary Adventures

Our Apple Slice recipe is the perfect gateway to a world of culinary adventures with your tiny chefs. As you guide them through each step, they not only learn the basics of cooking but also develop a love for food and creativity. The delightful blend of flavours and textures in this recipe is sure to captivate their taste buds and ignite their passion for all things culinary.

Encouraging Participation: Let Them Take the Lead

While following the recipe, it's important to allow your little ones to take the lead as much as possible. Here's how you can involve them at each stage:

  1. Whisking the Wet Ingredients: Hand over the whisk to your tiny chefs and let them take charge of mixing the melted butter, whisked egg, and maple syrup. It's a great arm workout and a fun way to teach them about blending ingredients.
  2. Measuring Ingredients: Show your kids how to measure ingredients like flour, oats, and spices. Let them use measuring cups and spoons to feel like real chefs.
  3. Creating the Base: Allow your little ones to press two-thirds of the mixture into the slice tin. They'll love shaping the base and seeing it transform into a delicious treat.
  4. Arranging the Apples: This step is a chance for your tiny chefs to get creative. Let them arrange the steamed apple chunks on top of the base as they like. It's a bit like piecing together a puzzle, and they'll enjoy making it look visually appealing.
  5. Spooning the Oat Mixture: Your kids can take charge of spooning the remaining oat mixture on top of the apples. Teach them how to use a spatula to gently press it down. This helps them develop precision and control.
  6. Baking and Cooling: While the Apple Slice is in the oven, you and your tiny chefs can enjoy some quality time. Talk about the fun you had cooking together and share stories. As the delicious aroma fills the kitchen, it's a great time for bonding.
  7. Slicing and Serving: Once the Apple Slice has cooled, let your little ones lead the way in cutting it into slices. Show them how to use a safe knife and emphasise the importance of patience and care when slicing.

Building Skills and Creating Memories

Cooking with your children is a wonderful opportunity to build skills that will serve them throughout their lives. They'll learn to follow instructions, work together, and develop a sense of responsibility. Plus, it's a fantastic chance to create lasting memories that they'll cherish.

Our Apple Slice recipe provides just the right level of complexity to keep kids engaged and excited about cooking. It's a fantastic starting point for their culinary journey, and you can gradually introduce them to more advanced recipes as they gain confidence.

So, bring your tiny chefs into the kitchen, and let them experience the delight of creating a culinary masterpiece. Our Apple Slice is not only a delightful treat; it's a bonding experience that encourages kids to explore the world of cooking and make mealtime memories that last a lifetime. At We Might Be Tiny, we know that involving your tiny humans in the kitchen is the secret ingredient to happy and memorable family mealtimes.

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Simple Apple Slice Recipe

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