Lime Cheesecake Nibbles

by Mona Fe on Aug 21, 2021

healthy cheesecake recipe no bake

Lime Cheesecake Nibbles - The healthy no-bake recipe for those who can’t stop at 1 slice

Do you struggle to stop at 1 slice when someone presents you with an entire cheesecake?

Well, have we got something for you.

Meet our Lime Cheesecake Nibbles:
Super rich, sugar-free and the perfect healthy, temptation-busting alternative.

Grab your Mini Poddie, whip up the crust and cream, and then create mini cheesecake bites.

Perfectly protioned for cheesecake-loving souls like you.

Simply grab one when those 3pm cravings hit you and keep the other ones for another day.

Best of all?

Each Lime Cheesecake Nibble greets you as one of our signature We Might Be Tiny characters.

Sleepy-eyed Bear loves a snooze.
Cross-eyed Bunny is always up to mischief.

And our cheeky cat delivers the purrrrr-fect afternoon snack.

Not keen on the treat-making aftermath?

The Mini Poddie takes care of that for you. Or your dishwasher, to be precise.

Just like all our silicone We Might Be Tiny products, the Mini Poddie loves a session in your dishwasher so you can focus on getting back to business (or having another nibble).

They’re small. So it’s ok!

Makes 1 Mini Poddies tray | Prep 30 minutes | Refrigerate 3 hours



  • 6 Medjool dates (approximately 40 g), soaked
  • 150 g (1 cup) almonds
  • 1 tsp vanilla extra
  • 60 ml (1/4 cup) coconut oil pinch Himalayan crystal salt


  • 140 g (1 cup) cashews, soaked
  • 60 ml (1/4 cup) filtered water
  • 60 ml (1/4 cup) maple syrup
  • 60 ml (1/4 cup) coconut oil, melted 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract juice from 1 lime pinch Himalayan crystal salt


Place the cashews in a bowl with lime juice and soak overnight. Drain and rinse with filtered water.

Process all cream ingredients in a food processor or mixer until smooth. Spoon mixture evenly into the Mini Poddies and refrigerate for about an hour.

Mix all crust ingredients in a food processor until chunky.

Remove Mini Poddies tray from refrigerator and spoon crust mixture into each of the Mini Poddies. Use fingers to push in evenly.

Refrigerate for another two hours until firm. Remove from tray and enjoy.

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