The Hands-on Pear Recipe for Toddlers

by Mona Fe on Mar 03, 2022

Pear Recipe Toddlers

Pear & Nut Butter Cookies | The Hands-on Pear Recipe for Toddlers

At We Might Be Tiny HQ, we love a snacking session where our little ones can get involved and take ownership.

And this pear recipe for toddlers and kids is perfectly suited for a hands-on kitchen adventure.

All you need is a We Might Be Tiny Placie, fresh pears and your favourite toppings.

With a Placie as your base, you confidently keep the mess in check and give your tiny human the confidence to explore. And when youā€™re done, simply pop it into your dishwasher to take care of business for you. #winning

We love topping our pear slices with a variety of nut butters, berries, nuts and buckwheat kernels. But this recipe really is the perfect opportunity to let your little oneā€™s imagination run wild. Have fun and get creating!

Looking for a never-done-before kids party snack?
Let your tiny guests create their very own healthy cookie. Simply set up Placie stations on a kids table to encourage healthier choices as part of a fun activity.

Makes 6 Ā I Ā Prep 5 minutes


  • PEAR COOKIES (also works great with apples and bananas)
  • 2 pears, washed and sliced lengthways


  • nut butter of choice
  • buckwheat kernels
  • goji berries
  • sliced hazelnuts


Spread nut butter evenly over surface of pear 'cookie' then sprinkle with toppings.

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