the ultimate guide to baby-led weaning

We a have developed an epic 42-page guide with almost everything you need to know about baby-led weaning.

From getting started, to food combining, nutrition, recipes, and an 8-week food guide - this guide is a must-have for any parent who is about to introduce their baby to solid foods.

What's included:

  • How to introduce your baby to solids

  • When to start introducing foods to baby

  • The benefits of baby-led weaning

  • How to get started with your BLW journey

  • A food combination chart showing the right foods for improving digestion and promoting gut health

  • 12 nutritious (and gourmet) recipes to get started

  • Beautiful photos of meal presentation ideas

  • Nutritional tips and how to experiment with food

  • 8-week meal plan suggestion for introducing foods to bubs

Recipes you'll find in our BLW guide

Beetroot Hummus

6-8 months

Root Mash Croquettes

Root Mash Croquettes

From 8 months

Mango Chia Pudding

6-8 months

Baby-led weaning simply means letting your little one feed themselves. Our guide provides tips on how to get your little one used to eating solids at the same time as teaching them to enjoy nutritious and tasty foods, and helping create healthy eating habits for life.

Get ready to embrace mess, some awesome facial expressions (get that camera ready!), lots of fun, and did we mention mess?!

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