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About Building Partnerships

Welcome to one of the most awesome affiliate programs for modern mums with an eye for quality.

At We Might Be Tiny, we’re all about rocking parenting and sharing our success with our precious partners.

Sign up with us to be a WMBT affiliate and collect a 15% commission on top of some other incredible incentives!

  • 90-day cookies
  • Unique tracking link
  • $150 Average Order Value
  • Above Average Conversion Rate

Mums always have their hands full - so this is a brilliantly effortless way of earning extra income while doing what you love.

What is the We Might Be Tiny
Affiliate Program?

Become a WMBT Affiliate and help your followers and fellow mums discover great ideas and award-winning products for making mealtimes fun, easy, and organised!

Leverage our brand to:

  • Earn passive income on generated traffic.
  • Enhance your content.
  • Access innovative and functional tableware designs your audience will love.

Start earning in three easy-peasy steps:

Step 1:
Sign Up to receive a unique affiliate link for each offer.

Step 2:
Spread The Word on your chosen platform.

Step 3:
Get Paid! Profit from a 15% commission anytime someone uses your unique affiliate links to make a purchase. This comes with a cookie duration of 90 days.

We are seeking affiliate marketers, mum bloggers and influencers who love WMBT and embody the WMBT philosophy and lifestyle!

If you’re looking to earn extra income while growing your online presence and enhancing your own brand, this program is a perfect fit for YOU:

WMBT Affiliate Highlights

  • 15% commission
  • 90-day cookies
  • Unique tracking link
  • $150 Average Order Value
  • Above Average Conversion Rate

Align yourself with a quality brand that’s all about fun, sustainability, and stylish durability. 

15% commission

They Buy, You Profit!

Earn a 15% commission each time anyone makes a purchase through the unique link associated with your recommendation.

All you need to do is share why you love us on your social media platforms or website. Do what you do best - create videos, stories and posts showcasing our products to get people to love them as much as you do. Even your little munchkins can get in on the fun!

90-day cookies

Want a cookie? Nope, it’s not the one we make and bake ourselves.

At WMBT, we understand how crucial an extended cookie shelf life is for our affiliates. This optimal cookie lifetime means that you will have up to 90 days to seal the deal, once a link has been clicked.

Get a longer, better chance of getting a commission on a sale that you influenced with our partner-friendly program! Maximise your potential earnings for as much as 30-90 days.

Get Paid By Paying It Forward

Every clever affiliate knows that to earn more money, you need to be trustworthy. That’s why choosing the right brand to partner with is a crucial step.

WMBT serves a discerning audience of busy yet uncompromisingly stylish mums looking for mighty creative ways to make mealtimes easier, more organised, and super fun.

Combine that traffic with our highly-converting products and you have yourself a winning formula for affiliate success!

Help us fulfil our promise by promoting our eco-friendly, functional and long-lasting product designs that fit seamlessly into the modern aesthetics of any home.

Create solid content to spread the word and show us some love across all platforms like TikTok, Insta, FB, Twitter, and more! 

Trust us, our mum-base is watching.

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About Us

Why Choose A Tiny Partner?

We may be tiny, but we are mighty – our carefully road-tested kids tableware and mealtime pieces are mighty stylish, versatile, cute, durable, and practical! 

Yes, we’re a mighty awesome (and award-winning) brand adored by clever families across the globe. Beyond our products, we also offer healthy baby and toddler recipes from nutritional experts to help you get the most out of your We Might Be Tiny products.

Partner with us if you:

  • Want to be kind to the planet while living your sense of style.
  • Believe in quality products that are made to last.
  • Love products that grow with your family as it evolves.
  • Want to support a brand that stands for more than a product.
  • Trust only non-toxic tableware for your little munchkins.

Be one with us as we deliver on our passion and promise for making a genuine difference in the modern family home.



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