3 Zero Waste Eco Hacks You Need to Know

by Rachel Tan on Jun 03, 2022

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3 Zero Waste Eco Hacks You Need to Know

Here at We Might Be Tiny HQ, our journey towards sustainability continues. We believe that every little bit helps, even those tiny kitchen hacks at home.
Here are 3 easy DIY hacks that help us to reduce waste at home and help bring about positive environmental change.

1. Save lemon juice in Freeze and Bake Poddies

This is the easiest way to store left-over lemon juice. Squeeze out your lemon juice and pour them into your Freeze & Bake Poddies®. Keep it in the freezer for 4-6 hours. Once frozen, take out the frozen pods and keep them in a freezer friendly container. Now whenever you feel like making lemonade, or adding lemon to your favourite baking recipes, you are ready to go! Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy! 🍋🍸

Lemon squeezy hack

2. Turn your left-over smoothies into Frosties

Another easy kitchen hack - but, oh so good! Left-over smoothie? No waste here - pour the left-overs straight into our adorable Frosties for an icy treat for the kids later on - the gift that keeps on giving! 😂

Smoothie left-overs hack


3. Re-purpose paper scraps into homemade cards - a stamp art idea for toddlers. smiles included!

This hack is an absolute win-win. Paper scraps turned into toddler art pieces! Plus - who doesn't love a handmade card these days?

We’re sharing a stamp art idea for your toddler and you that involves messy play. You also walk away with handmade cards for family members or staff at daycare whenever you want to show your appreciation.

Nothing says ‘You’re special!’ more than a personality-filled, toddler-made love note!

Find the full instructions here

Save scrap paper hack

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3 Zero Waste Eco Hacks You Need To Know
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