We Might Be Tiny Launch Silicone Teething Ring

by Eleanor Cullen on Mar 17, 2022

we might be tiny launch silicone teething ring

Silicone Teething Ring - super cute, no-nasties relief for tiny gums

Teething can cause sleepless nights for the tinies and the grown-ups. And it can be a real challenge.

So much so that our signature We Might Be Tiny characters are coming to the rescue with too-cute-to-resist silicone teething rings that will turn any frown upside down.

Anyone with a tiny human to their name will know that feeling when they’re FINALLY starting to sleep through. It’s magical, right?

But all of a sudden, out of nowhere some sneaky, uninvited guests come knocking: The first teeth. And sooner than you know it, your happy munchkin turns into a drooling, relief-hungry teething machine.

So what do you do?

You treat your tiny human to a We Might Be Tiny silicone teething ring as the hygienic, no-nasties take on relieving those tender gums.

Its rounded edges and easy-to-grab handle make this teething ring the perfect companion for tiny hands. Easily attach it to a dummy chain when out and about or simply allow your tiny human to run wild.

When it’s time to give it a good clean, simply pop your Teether into boiling water to sterilize ready for the next teething mission. This flexible and durable teething ring will become your go-to, non-toxic teething sidekick whenever snuggles just aren’t cutting it!

Need super-charged soothing powers?

Simply pop your super cute We Might Be Tiny teething ring in your freezer.

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silicone teething ring

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