We've won four GOLD at international design awards

by Eleanor Cullen on Sep 23, 2021

We Might Be Tiny wins four gold at international design awards

We Might Be Tiny is honoured to win four gold prizes in the Junior Design Awards 2021.

The 10th annual Junior Design Awards, hosted by the UK's Junior Magazine, fly the flag for children’s designers, brands and retailers. This year there were 71 awards up for grabs across seven categories including fashion, interiors, toys, food, travel and lifestyle.

We Might Be Tiny has won gold for the following categories:

Our founder & designer, Eleanor says "I am completely over the moon! Winning every category we were shortlisted in was definitely not something I expected. To win one category is amazing, but all of them? What an absolute dream!"

"Over the last five years I've been building this business and to see it go from just an idea to trending across the world is just incredible!"

"Winning a #JDA is a highly sought after endorsement for a brand I'm so extremely proud that four of our products have received this recognition at an international level."


    Stickie Bowls – Winner of Best Children's Tableware Design: GOLD

    What the judges say

    These super cute teddy bear shaped bowls really caused a stir with our judges, which is rather appropriate because their deep flexible sides are brilliant for encouraging good spoon-work and stopping spills! Our judges felt that these bowls were the perfect mix of function and form and were super impressed with the suction power of the base, the non-toxic easy to clean, easy to scoop from silicone and crucially the see-through lid that allows you to store any left overs in the bowl or pack food for on-the-go.

    I would like to eat out of these – let alone the kids! We Might Be Tiny continues to impress me year after year - I alway look forward to seeing their entries.

    Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

    Multifunctional and a lovely design.

    Bonnie Van Geel, Stylist
    I love the design, the colours, the lid!

    Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and mother of 3



    Feedie Fork & Spoon Set – Winner of Best Feeding Product Design (Baby): GOLD

    What the judges say

    First of all, how cute are these? The answer is extremely and our panel were all completely smitten with this toddler size, perfectly formed cutlery that comes in a teddy bear shaped silicone travel case. Apart from being adorable to look at, the level of thought that has gone into this cutlery design really impressed the JDA panel. The soft non-toxic food grade silicone is gentle on children’s delicate gums as well as being super easy to clean, and the handy travel case means a more hygienic and organised journey in that cavernous handbag. Our judges also loved the clever lip at the end of each handle that allows this cutlery to rest snugly on the edges of bowls and plates meaning less spoons flying on the floor or spinning across the table. SO good!

    As lovely as a toddler cutlery set gets!
    Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist
    This cutlery is brilliant. So easy to pop into your handbag/baby bag, ready for meals on the go.
    Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

    Freeze & Bake Poddies – Winner of Best Innovative Product Design (for Baby/Child): GOLD

    What the judges say

    The sheer versatility of this product really impressed our judges who loved the idea of a one-stop tray for baking and freezing! These easy to pop in and pop out silicone moulds looked like they would be perfect for baking muffins and cakes or for freezing mini portions of baby food or even mega fun ice cubes. So many options! The easy to clean, easy to use silicone and the clear lid all scored highly but it was We Might Be Tiny’s signature super cute animal shapes that stole the show.

    Cute! Anything that might make my kids eat better is a winner in my book.

    Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist

    I think my kids would really enjoy the novelty of these!

    Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer



    Stampies – Winner of Best Creative Play (Activity): GOLD

    What the judges say

    These gorgeous cookie stamps went down a storm with our judges who thought they would be a fantastic addition to that baking drawer! The thoughtful design, featuring detachable silicone stamps that slot onto an easy-to-hold wooden handle, really impressed the panel who loved the fact that these silicone discs thrive in the dishwasher! The selection of animal prints was fabulous (even a sloth in the mix!) and the panel could well imagine these being used for play dough, cookies and even for making blocks of butter look special. Over all a great gift for any young child.

    This is a very beautiful looking stamp set and perfect that they can be put into a dishwasher!

    Chloe Thurston, Stylist and influencer @chloeuberkids

    Want these! Anything to encourage baking and love the colours and animal choices and designs.

    Emma Paton, Stylist and Influencer

    Love these in every way. A simple idea that's been very well executed.

    Jo Jones, Brand Consultant and Beauty PR

    The colours and designs are mouth-wateringly good.

    Yvadney Davis, Children’s and Teen's Stylist


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