We might be in love with how much our customers love us

by Eleanor Cullen on Nov 05, 2018

We might be in love with how much our customers love us

It’s true, we might be – alright, we’re definitely – in love with how much our customers love us and their We Might Be Tiny purchases. Have a peek at some of the things our wonderful customers have been up to…

We Might Be Tiny customer photos

(Photo credit clockwise from top left: @littlemummaskitchen, @katepark1, @mostlyisabella,, @georgeandgouma, @allabout_kye)

Creative play? Check.
Imaginative play? Check.
Cooking in the kitchen? Check.
Cheeky monkeys? Check.
Amazing flatlays? Check.

Our placemats aren’t just for meal times – why not use them for play dough and other sensory, creative play, or to contain potential messes when you have little helpers in the kitchen? They also make great block colour backdrops for artistic photography, which we just love.

Our snackies are good for on the go, but they’re also great for when you’re at home and want your little ones to have their in-between meals food in their own special bowl. They’re also great for stashing treasures, and for cheeky candid memory making!

And what makes us really happy, is how happy so many of you are with our new Frosties! We have been seeing so many stunning photos of all kinds of icy poles being made and enjoyed. We’re thrilled that you’re all so happy with your Frosties, and are taking advantage of the gorgeous spring weather to enjoy delicious and adorable homemade treats.

Your children’s imaginations, and your own imagination, are limitless when it comes to the uses for your We Might Be Tiny goodies, and we’re so proud that our customers love their purchases enough to share such stunning photography with us!

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