Banana Penguins and Snowmen

by Eleanor Cullen on Nov 05, 2020

banana recipes for kids

Possibly the Funnest Banana Recipe for Kids. Ever.

Bananas have been a healthy toddler crowd pleaser for as long as we can remember. So when the team here at We Might Be Tiny were thinking up a list of Christmas snack ideas for hungry tiny humans, a fun and healthy banana recipe for your kids had to make the cut.

What we’ve come up with is so easy that you can even turn it into a fun Christmas activity with your toddler in the lead up to Santa’s arrival. All you need to whip up these healthy treats is a fresh supply of bananas, your favourite dark chocolate and the odd bits and bobs that turn your fruity treats into a cheeky penguin or the serious snowman who keeps an eye on things. And in only 15 minutes you’ve got yourself a healthy treat that sparks joy in your tiny human and makes you feel like you’re rocking this Christmas season as a parent.

Don’t be surprised if this banana recipe becomes a favourite with your kids. We’ve made it a few times over the past few weeks. And we just can’t get enough!

Of course, these healthy banana snacks taste even better served in one of our We Might Be Tiny Snackies. They’re super cute, sturdy and will support your Banana Snowmen or Penguins so they’re the perfect snack for hungry bellies.

And this is how you craft those fun snowmen and penguins that your tiny human will ask you about again and again.

Makes 1 banana makes 2 penguins/snowmen
Prep 15 minutes


  • banana
  • 50 g dark chocolate, melted
  • yellow sugar-free smarties
  • edible eyes
  • dark chocolate chips


Cut a banana in half and dip the tip end of the banana into melted chocolate. Then roll the back of the banana in chocolate, leaving the front uncovered for the white ‘tummy’.

Lay the banana on a tray lined with baking parchment, keeping the tummy facing up.

While the chocolate is still melted, stick two edible eyes on the face. For the penguin’s beak, cut one yellow smartie in half, dip in some chocolate, and stick to the face under the eyes. For the snowman’s nose, cut orange paper/card into a carrot shape then stick under the eyes.

For the penguin’s feet, dip two smarties in chocolate and stick them to the bottom of the banana.

Allow to set in the fridge before serving.


Make fresh. 

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