Icy Lemon Friends Recipe

by Mona Fe on Sep 10, 2021

fruit ice cubes

Icy Lemon Friends - Fruit ice cubes to the beverage rescue

Fruit ice cubes are possibly the easiest way to turn any standard drink into an instant cocktail extravaganza.

This recipe sets you up with one of MANYĀ ways to infuse your beverage of choice with a splash of fruitiness.

In this instance, weā€™re using chopped up and squeezed lemons for the win.

But youā€™re only ever limited by your imagination.

Love strawberries? Go for it!

Canā€™t live without passionfruit? Knock yourself out!

Love your berries blue? Why say no?

The 2 things that will turn your creations into an instant crowd-pleaser are:

  1. The freshest and juiciest fruit
  2. A Mini Poddie

    Because each fruity ice cube will emerge in our signature character shapes- intricate details and all.

    Once youā€™ve whipped up your frozen gems, simply cover them with the seel-through silicone lid and pop the Mini Poddie straight into the freezer. The lid makes shuffling things from the kitchen bench to the freezer easy-peasy lemon-squeezy and spills will become a thing of the past.

    Sipped your way through all the fruity ice cubes? Let your dishwasher clean up the mess before jumping on your next fruity creation.


    MakesĀ 1 Mini Poddies tray |Ā PrepĀ 5 minutes |Ā FreezeĀ 2 hours


    • 1 lemon, cut into small pieces
    • 750 ml (2 Ā½ cups) filtered water


    SquirtĀ aĀ bitĀ ofĀ lemonĀ juiceĀ intoĀ theĀ water andĀ stir.

    PlaceĀ aĀ fewĀ lemonĀ piecesĀ intoĀ eachĀ ofĀ the MiniĀ PoddiesĀ thenĀ fillĀ withĀ water.

    Freeze until solid.

    Remove from the Mini Poddies tray and add to your cool drink of choice.

    ExperimentĀ withĀ otherĀ flavours.Ā WeĀ love mint, strawberry, andĀ cucumber!

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