Christmas-inspired lunches for the kids

by Eleanor Cullen on Dec 14, 2016

Christmas-inspired lunches for the kids

Ugh, it can be hard keeping little ones seated at the dinner table. You know... when they take a couple of bites and then tell you they're finished?!

Here at We Might Be Tiny we're all about trying to keep kids entertained at meal times so they can get the nutrition they need for their tiny growing bodies.

It can be tiresome trying out new recipes, so why not take it back to basics with simple fresh food presented beautifully? You won't be able to keep them away from the table, and more than likely have them asking for more fresh fruit and vegetables! [gasp!]

Keep it interesting this festive season with these Christmas-inspired lunches.

Jolly Santa snack 

Jolly Santa snack

What you'll need:

  • fresh cherry tomatoes
  • slice of cheese
  • a couple of blueberries
  • wholegrain bread (cut-out with a cookie cutter)

You can also substitute the bread for a round apple slice.

Oh Christmas tree snack

    Christmas tree snack idea for kids

    Christmas tree snack idea - yellow plate

     What you'll need:

    • fresh cherry tomatoes
    • cucumber slices
    • cheese slices
    • mango or cantaloupe squares

    Of course, any of these items can be substituted for your children's favourites food. 

    Adorable creations and photos by the super talented (and busy mother-of-three) Renee King. Check her out on Instagram @missyking

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